Emma Skellern

Emma had been practising yoga for the past 20 years. For the past decade she specialised in breathwork. Specifically, a conscious connected breathing technique which enables emotional release and transmission of vitality and inspiration. Babaji described is as ‘the pranayama for the 21st century’.

She recently training in yoga nidra and restorative yoga with the Satyananda yogic tradition in order to diversity her suite of tools designed to enable deep relaxation and rejuvention.

Emma is a New Zealander who trained to a Master’s level in psychology. She has worked in the business, health and education fields as a consultant, psychologist, researcher, and project lead.

"Having the opportunity to experience a breath-work group session led by Emma is a truly wonderful thing.

Emma embodies a strong level of focus, dedication, and care when she is working with people. You can really feel safe and also inspired to push your own limits in one of her breath circles.

Emma can be gentle, or very direct when she is working with people. I have seen her use her strong intuition to connect with individuals in a way that benefits them the most.

With Emma leading the group, you have an opportunity to get the best possible results from a breath circle experience. I have brought friends along to the breath circles because I know how important the breath-work practice is for well-being, and I know that Emma is one of the most professional and dedicated coaches you could hope to meet."

Hamish Cummins - IT Technician and Breath-worker.