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 "Emma's encompassing presence and breadth of experience created a truly safe and sacred space for healing and discovery to occur. 

My journey within her Breath Circle at Luminate Festival 2013 was one of the most beautiful and conscious transformative experiences I have ever had.

With gratitude."

Tui Mamaki - Singer.


"I went into Emma's workshop with no expectations, just a bit of curiosity. I had just turned 20 and wasn't a particularly spiritual person at that point, I hadn't experienced anything like this before.

I quickly sunk into a meditative state through Emma's lead; she was a beacon of light, nurturing and strong.

During the breathe I felt waves of what seemed like years of frustration and depression literally flowing out of my body, but somehow I wasn't just my body anymore - my being had expanded so I was sort of...  Everything.

Memories of past trauma and anorexia unclenched my throat and I could feel my heart beating so strongly as tears were welling up from my eyes like little rivers. Each tear, each memory, each breath, made me feel lighter. All the while Emma's presence felt warming and safe.

The workshop was lead to a close in a beautiful, connected way and I left the tent feeling as if a whole mountain had been lifted off my shoulders. I went out into the festival dancing for hours, embodying this new felt freedom, no longer tangled and bound down in blockages I didn't even realise were there.

I am sincerely grateful to Emma and everyone else in that tent for holding the space with an unshakeable Mana and enabling such a life changing experience.

I recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone!

No matter what your background or beliefs. What do you have to lose? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can lose, or gain!

Thanks Emma."

Annie Keir - Model, Dancer, Artist and Musician.


"Emma's authentic experience enables us to capture the life's journey and embrace the deep pockets that sit within.

Emma holds a space where we are able to unlock the strong and vulnerable and move into the unknown space to Recover parts of ourselves that are ready to come back home.

With love and compassion, Emma is a friend of the earth."

Ben Weaver - Creative Artist.


"The breath circles have been a source of profound growth and positive change in my life.

Emma's strength and calming presence was really supportive during the circles - it felt good to have the space supported by her.

I feel everybody should get to experience the bliss and clarity that can follow a session of breath-work."

Amy Zander - Editor and Breath-worker.

"Emma is a True Woman of our Time. I would definitely vote for her if she was up for Presidency.

She is Heart Centred, Fair, Diligent, Well Researched / Educated, Innovative, Dynamic, Interesting, Balanced, Healthy, A Good Listener, Humble, A Visioner and a Doer. She is a Team Leader and at ease with all people & situations.

As a friend and former business partner, I call on her if I need help – even if she has no time, she’ll create it."

Suzanna Viney - The Breath Knows.