Breathing together, in a safe and held circle, is a beautiful experience full of Grace


What happens?

Connecting to this circular breathing technique in a relaxed way for about an hour oxygenates the body.

During the session the life force energy builds up

and the more you relax and let go,

the more you trust the breath’s flow through your body,

the more the breath reveals it’s innate intelligence and healing potential.

Provided it is the right timing, the breath can access and release any energy sitting in your system that you are ready and willing to release.

The breath can release past emotional or mental patterns, and connect you with your True Self.

While it is good to hold an intention for the Breathe, once you start it is best to let everything go and breathe with no influence or expectations.

People’s experiences tend to vary a lot within a Circle. Some may have one of the biggest spiritual experiences of their life, others feel a lot, and some have a very sweet and peaceful time.

"My experience with Emma and her breath workshops have been nothing short of incredible. The process takes one on a deeply personal journey into any past pain that might be hiding under our usual layers of ego. One might call that identity protection.

Emma facilitated a process where I felt perfectly safe and she guided me with such a gentle grace I easily found a space to allow the original self, the inner being, to release those trapped imbalances with a similar grace and deep forgiveness.

I have left her workshops beaming. Feeling light and elated, to such an extent that words fail to convey.

Do it!"

Ben Colenso - Visual Effects Artist.

"I highly the recommend the Breath Circle experience. It is rare to come across a technique that is so simple and so effective.

Emma's experience and passion for helping people makes this tool accessible and effective even for the worst skeptics, like me."

Gus Siminovic, CE at Printable Reality.


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