Breathing in a group, in a safe and held Circle, is a beautiful experience full of Grace


What happens?

connecting the breath in a relaxed way for an hour hyper-oxygenates the body

the body is flooded with oxygen, our life force

we begin to breathe energy as well as air

the energy builds up during the session

and the more we sink into it,

the more we tune in, commit, trust, and surrender to the breath’s flow through our body

the more the breath reveals its innate intelligence, healing potential, and Divinity

it can access and release any energy sitting in the system that some one is ready and willing to release

it can heal our past, clear redundant patterning, connect us with our inspiration, our Truth, and our guides

and it is a process that works with Grace (Divine timing and action)

so while we can state an intent, it is then best to let this go and breathe with no influence and no expectations

people’s experiences will vary greatly

generally in a Circle some have one of the biggest spiritual experiences of their life, others feel a lot, some have a very sweet and peaceful time. 0thers may not have such a powerful experience but can still enjoy the benefits of breathing in this focused way for an hour.

"Having the opportunity to experience a breath-work group session led by Emma is a truly wonderful thing. Emma embodies a strong level of focus, dedication, and care when she is working with people. You can really feel safe and also inspired to push your own limits in one of her breath circles. Emma can be gentle, or very direct when she is working with people. I have seen her use her strong intuition to connect with individuals in a way that benefits them the most. With Emma leading the group, you have an opportunity to get the best possible results from a breath circle experience. I have brought friends along to the breath circles because I know how important the breath-work practice is for well-being, and I know that Emma is one of the most professional and dedicated coaches you could hope to meet." Hamish Cummins, Support Technician.

"I highly the recommend the Breath Circle experience. It is rare to come across a technique that is so simple and so effective. Emma's experience and passion for helping people makes this tool accessible and effective even for the worst skeptics, like me." Gus Siminovic, Arts Practitioner at Printable Reality.


how do we do it?

the Circle is formed together, consciously we connect and call in the Light in its many forms

we meet each other in Circle

the technique is then explained and any questions answered

we then lie down and Breathe

for about one hour

the breathworkers hold the space

afterwards we come back and ground together

we share and then consciously close the Circle

it’s often a 2 to 3 hour process


Check out the news for info about upcoming Circles or talk to us about organising a Circle for your friends or colleagues