A deep journey to your True Self with the Breath


Individual sessions provide the opportunity to receive personalised professional guidance to:

∞ release old patterns limiting your ability to fully experience the present moment

∞ align with your highest potential at this point in time

∞ learn the technique for your ongoing personal practice.

What is involved?

Firstly, we will organise a brief, complimentary Skype or Zoom consultation for you to discuss the technique and your personal needs with our breath worker, to identify whether there is a good fit.

If it’s a Yes!

You will then book in for a 2 hour introductory session with the breath worker.

This intro session costs $120 (or by discussion). Venue costs may also apply.

At the end of the first session you and the breath worker will decide whether further sessions are needed. There are three programmes to choose from:

∞ Trinity. Three 1.5 to 2 hour sessions to support you to release blockages that are preventing you from fully experiencing your present moment.

Cost : $320 (or by discussion). Venue costs may also apply.

True Self. Five 1.5 to 2 hour sessions to support you to dive deep, shed old skins and discover new aspects of your True Self that are ready to express and shine.

Cost : $520 (or by discussion). Venue costs may also apply.

Breath Initiation. Ten 1.5 to 2 hour sessions will assist you to:

  • clear any major initial blocks from your system

  • orient with a new type of Being

  • learn the technique which includes addressing any breathing habits and quirks that hinder the full breath-work cycle

  • be able to use the breath-work technique for your personal practice any time you wish.

Cost : $1080. Venue costs may also apply.

"For me, Emma's breath-work sessions birthed a new level of emotional realism and provided an unshakable experience of my eternal self.

She holds an exquisite space, balancing heart's warmth with grounded guidance.

Thank you so much."

Brian Cavanagh - Raw Food Chef.

"My experience was quite profound.

I went very deeply into a place where I felt I was accessing some hidden and forgotten parts of myself.  The experience was incredibly intense and I felt afterwards that I had just scratched the surface of something big that needs revisiting and exposing for my further examination.  

I'm looking forward to investigating the experience again."

Karen - Lecturer and re-emerging Artist.

"The first experience I had with Conscious Connective Breathing was facilitated by Emma. She is a caring facilitator and her clear communication and direction was easy to follow.

Through her guidance and the technique I experienced a powerful release of hidden emotions.  Afterwards I felt very clear.

Emma has a gift for this work and a natural way with people that creates a safe and loving environment for healing."

Josephine Costain - Singer/Song Writer.

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