Wellington Breath Circle & Restorative Yoga

Release - Relax - Revitalise

A day of carefully crafted Breath-work, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

A unique opportunity to connect to the healing power within your own Breath.
Let go of old patterns, sink into a deep state of relaxation, and revitalise for the longer summer days ahead!

Melrose, Wellington, November 11
10 am to 4 pm

Breath Circle ∞ The Breath is Life and offers us a simple yet powerful vehicle for transformation and inspiration. During this group breathe you will be guided in how to use the conscious connected breathing technique. You will then have the opportunity to sink in to a deep journey with your breath, creating the space to let go of anything you no longer need to carry, as well as receive amazing insights, inspiration, even bliss, the more authentically you connect.

For a detailed summary of what to expect from a group breath-work session click here.

Yoga Nidra ∞ is a profound, yet simple, practice that leads to a state of being in which the mind lets go of the external world and turns inwards giving the senses a deep rest from the activities of contemporary society.

Basic Breathing Methods and Restorative Yoga ∞ When we have the ability to alter the breath at will, we gain the ability to nourish and optimise the body, and manage the mind and emotions. The benefits of Basic Breathing Methods and Restorative Yoga include the dismantling of chronic tension patterns, enhanced immune function, effective cellular respiration, reduced hypertension in the cardiovascular system, reduced mental and emotional tension, a body-mind returned to a natural state of ease and equilibrium.

The morning Breath Circle will run from 10 AM to 1 PM. A shared lunch will follow and the restorative yoga and yoga nidra session will begin from 2 PM through till 4 PM.

$30 for either the Breath Circle or Restorative Yoga session or $55 for both.
It's recommended to attend both, to optimally integrate the experience.

Email emma.skellern@gmail.com or call/text 021 193 9844 for info or to book.

8 spots available for each session.

Plan for a gentle morning and hopefully an early night before. Perhaps consider what you are ready to let go of, and what you would like to cultivate as you move closer to the full power summer months.

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, bolster(s) or cushion(s) and blanket for comfort, as well as food for a shared lunch.

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